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What’s the Ouch factor when it comes to hair Removal alternatives?

There are several hair removal alternatives available on the market today. Which option you choose to go for may be dependent on a variety of factors including; skin type, convenience, Ouch factor, or a particular experience you’ve had.
The most popular and least painful options include shaving and use of depilatory creams. The pain or ouch factor associated with these two options in particular is experienced post usage. For example, if your happen to cut yourself or let the cream stay on your skin for too long or just the general sensitivity associated with frequent use of the two options you might find yourself unable to use deodorant for days or even stop the itching… this over time results in dull looking skin with results that last up to a couple of days after which the hair starts growing back again…. It’s a never-ending cycle!
Sugaring hair removal is not a pain free exercise per say, there is definitely abit of discomfort especially for beginners, but the pain ends with the treatment! You might have to deal with some redness for a couple of hours but that’s it! Your skin will look incredible and reap the exfoliating and brightening properties of our sugaring pastes!

Your will remain hair free for a minimum of two weeks if you have been following our instructions of getting a treatment every Four week. Why four weeks you might ask? The human body has 3 cycles of hair growth namely anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the active growth phase. Epilating during this phase removes the ‘food source’ and facilitates the collapse of the follicle wall. We have seen more permanency in clients who sugar every 4 weeks. Isn’t that so cool an economical at the same time? Epilating at any other stage of hair growth will not give you lasting results as there is already another hair already formed in the follicle.
To minimize your ouch factor, here are some tips…
Do smaller sections at a time. This helps your body get the hang of it
Hold your skin taut. This aids in catching all the hairs and therefore the process goes on faster
Combat any sweating with some talcum or baby powder- Always perform a treatment on clean, dry oil-free skin which helps the paste grab onto the hairs better.
Try to relax before and during the treatment- anxiety and panic during the treatment forces your body to believe it's being attacked and may make the pain seem worse than it actually is
Happy Sugaring…

— Products shown: SweetToffee Sugaring Paste for Hair Removal and Sweet Caramel Sugaring Hair Removal Wax.

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Hair Removal: The Ouch Factor

Have you gotten the cultural memo? Where One stray hair on your brows or even the slightest trace of stubble on your legs officially deems you an unkempt gorilla lady. Okay, so that might be a bit dramatic, but the hair removal craze is not to be taken lightly. Women talk about it like men talk about their fantasy football draft—when you get a good one, you can’t help but gloat about it to your friends.

Females require a grooming regime that is inherently more costly and time-consuming than our male counterparts. Unwanted hair has the power to make us feel self-conscious, unsexy and kind of grungy – but it doesn’t have to. This is why hair removal isn’t a burden of beauty as we often deem it to be; it’s a gift to your womanhood. Find me someone who says that they don’t feel instantly more confident with a flawless bikini line and I’ll find you a big, fat liar. So, give yourself one more reason to flaunt your femininity and show some skin.

Here’s the deal. Waxing and shaving are the most popular methods, but there are several other methods out there. Which option you choose may be based on a variety of factors such as skin type, hair thickness, treatment area, 'Ouch’ factor and convenience.

I have fallen in love with this all-natural,’ low pain’ technique. This is an ancient technique that is just starting to make a buzz. It resembles waxing, but is much gentler and less painful. It can get shorter hairs, so you don’t need to wait as long in between Treatments. Sugaring paste needs to be at body temperature, so you’ll never get burnt. It’s made from organic blend of sugar syrup, and is super sanitary as bacteria cannot breed in sugar. The paste adheres to the hair and removes the hair without attaching to the skin—making sugaring less painful than waxing!

Although sugaring has gained a lot of recent attention with the organic movement, sugaring is the most ancient and gentle technique in the hair removal game Try it and you’ll be hooked!

I’m not going to say it’s painless, though, because that would be inaccurate.

Additionally, by moulding the sugar into the skin, it also helps improve the tone and texture of the skin as the paste has both exfoliating and skin brightening properties.

Since the human body has three cycles of hair growth we have seen more permanency of stunted growth in clients who sugar every four weeks – Without slacking. The natural sugaring Company recommends that you give yourself a sugaring treatment every four weeks for optimum lasting results.

The main stages of hair growth are anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is the active growth phase. Removing hair during this stage removes the’ food source’ and helps collapse the follicle wall- leading to permanency. Sugaring every four weeks will ensure that you are removing hair in the anagen phase.

What happens if you remove hair during later phases of hair growth? When hair is removed during the catagen phase or telogen phase there is usually another hair already forming within the follicle. This result in regrowth more quickly than had the hair been removed during the anagen phase an is less likely to lead to permanency.

Now lastly, lets address the elephant in the room--- The ouch factor. Pain tolerance is personal, We recommend that you remain relaxed pre- Treatment (panic and anxiety makes your body believe your system is being attacked during the procedure and will not help you handle the pain too well)
Combat any sweating with some talcum or baby powder and you will be just fine.
Lastly do small sections at a time. This will get your body in tune.
Welcome to something Sweet!

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