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Sugaring Pros & Cons


Someone who has experience in working with Sugaring paste, can do sugaring quickly. Large amounts of hair can be taken out at once and finished faster than waxing.
With most waxes, you have to apply them to a limited area –remove, go to your next area- remove and so forth. Working with the wax, you have to apply it on the limited zone, working on every area one by one. With sugaring you can speed things up by applying the paste to a very large area, and it won’t dry out, even if you take it off in smaller sections.

Easy clean-up
Sugaring paste is water soluble, so you can clean off any residue that was left on the skin with just a water, unlike regular wax.
You can do sugaring without leaving your home. Entire sugaring hair removal kits, supplies can be bought online ( Be aware of the special conditions when sugaring is not allowed, and follow the instructions.

Gentle on the Skin
Sugaring paste is very gentle, it can be re-applied to the area that was just sugared where some hair was left, without any further irritation. Over time, frequent sugaring might damage or even destroy the hair follicle, and hair will stop growing back.

The Cons

Finding the Right Professional
It’s hard to find a good professional, who can use both technique and Sugaring paste correctly. Some salons and spas use a wax that has been mixed with sugar, and advertise it as Sugaring, while other places use the gel. Only a few actually use the paste.

Small hair growth is required
Some hair growth is needed. 1/16 of an inch or 2mm is required when using the traditional techniques with Sugaring paste, which is about 2-5 days of hair growth after shaving.

A lack of knowledge or cleanliness can lead to disaster. If contraindications (circumstances or conditions when you shouldn’t get sugaring) are simply unknown or ignored, the skin could end up being extremely red, and even become scabby. Salons and spas that are not following sanitary and safety rules properly, can leave the client with a skin infection, or even a disease.

Ouch Factor
If you find someone experienced who uses the traditional technique working with Sugaring paste, you would feel the difference in a good way, because hair is removed in the direction of its natural growth (unlike in waxing, where hair are being removed against the growth).
Pulling hair is especially in soft skin or sensitive areas, does have an ‘Ouch’ factor and can take time to get used to but the results are amazing and the more you Sugar the less growth you get.

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