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Sugaring Tip: Bikini area Sugaring Hair Removal Treatment

So if you’ve decided to go ‘Bare’ the Natural way, then you’re in the right place!Those that have ‘dared to go bare’  swear by it! Our Sugaring products are Safe to use on your bikini Areas for two reasons;

Our Products are 100% natural. No additives or preservatives or fragrances have been added to our products.

The Main component of Our Sugaring Hair Removal paste is Sugar.  Bacteria/ Germs cannot survive in sugar! 

You Really have nothing to worry about in terms of the Safety of Our products, We use them ourselves!

So here’s how to go about it!
We shall tackle how to Give yourself a full bikini/’Brazilian’ also called Brazilian Sugaring. NB: There are different Variations of Bikini Sugaring, In this Article we shall concentrate on direction of hair growth and technique. Feel Free to extrapolate and make you fit your desired Style.

The hair on your bikini is noticeably thicker and coarser than anywhere else on your body! So technique is everything here…..
For those that have shaved or used hair removal creams over the past couple of years on these zones will have experienced thickening of the skin on the outer labia. This results in saggy looking skin around this area (this is as a result of the skin trying to protect itself from constant aggressive treatments as in blades and hair removal creams – But Worry not! The reversal of this is only a Sugaring Treatment away. Sugaring hair removal exfoliates your skin and allows for regeneration and adequate blood supply! 

It’s time to remove some unwanted hair!

You also want to begin the treatment from your belly button and work your way Downward. Hair on your bikini area grows in a general Downward direction.

You want to hold the skin taut (tight by pulling it upward) * Apply Sugaring paste UPWARDS towards your belly button * Apply epilating strip firmly on top of the paste * Whilst holding the skin taut, pull off the strip sharply and quickly DOWNWARDS * Repeat until treatment is completed on desired area!

Remember to work on smaller sections at a time. We recommend to work on one half of your bikini area at a time, that way you’ll have a reference point ! 
Have some paper towels and baby powder in hand to combat any moisture and you’re good to go! Follow up a Bikini Sugaring session with a nice warm bath/Shower and apply your favorite fragrance free moisturizer! (Yes this area demands some good care and attention too…)

Enjoy your Petal Smooth Skin….They say once you go Bare you’ll never want to go back!

Happy Sugaring!


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