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Sugaring Tip: Correctly Heating the product( Sugaring Hair Removal Paste)

You want to make sure the tin is 3/4 way submerged in a bowl of Hot water for a good 5 minutes, once it’s properly Heated the paste will be easy to scoop from the sides of the tin ( not the middle!)

Before you begin the treatment test the temperature of the paste on the palm of your hand, it Should feel warm and apply easily and thinly. If it’s warmer than you can bear allow it a minute to cool down then test again.

Depending on the amount of time you require to perform the treatment have some hot water on standby to re-heat the product when needed.
When the product is too cool/cold, you’ll notice that it is not easy to scoop and applies too thickly(resulting in wastage)

For those that Prefer to microwave, Unfortunately we do not recommend this For any of Our Sugaring Hair Removal Paste.

The Microwave heats the product up unevenly and can get the paste too hot very quickly (depending on the type of microwave used). Hot sugaring paste can be very dangerous and result in severe burns.

Product should be warm to the touch not hot! I Can Not Stress this enough, Warm Sugaring Paste works the best by grabbing onto all your little hairs and Facilitating a successful first attempt extraction.

A client told how she forgot the paste in a running microwave once, and found a total mess upon returning to her kitchen
Guys Unless you’re a pro please stick to the hot water bowl, it’s passed the test of time.


Happy Sugaring!

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