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Sugaring Tip: How long To wait Between Sugaring Hair Removal Treatments.

Depending on your rate of hair growth we recommend getting the treatment every 2-3 weeks maximum! Don’t wait longer, Because, The hair growth cycle lasts for two weeks. At the two week mark, the hair at the root is not firmly attached yet! This allows for easy and almost pain free extraction of the hair. Secondly, You want to always interrupt your cycle of hair growth. This weakens and slowly destroys the hair follicle allowing for very slow re-, growth rate and production of finer hairs instead of the course thick hair associated with shaving, and other conventional hair removal Techniques.Over time this may lead to permanency where the hairs stop growing altogether!

This period after the hair removal treatment, allow your new hair free skin to breath and regenerate. You might notice some dead skin falling off as it cannot thrive without the cover of the of the hair that it attaches itself under. Take advantage of this and get some exfoliating routine going.

If you delay the treatment for more than 3weeks you will notice the hair will start thickening from the base. This may lead to Abit of discomfort during your treatment and will not have interrupted the hair growth cycle. You may notice that hair ”Grows back faster”, this is because there was already  another hair already formed in the follicle. 
You want to stick to these timelines, 2-3 weeks. Whichever you choose, try to stick to if for maximum benefits!

As with anything important, consistency is KEY!

Happy Sugaring!



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