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Sugaring Tip: How To Apply Sugaring Hair Removal Paste on Your Skin

Now this is the most interesting bit, if you go wrong here there is no telling how many times you will have to repeat the treatment over the same area!

So here we go!

You want to scoop a sizable amount of paste With your Wooden tongue Depressor/spatula (provided when you purchase the product)

Now Remember how you apply Butter on your bread? By working the butter until it is evenly applied? This is how to apply sugaring paste!

With the spatula, you want to apply the Sugaring Paste in Small Rectangle Sections, then go over that area (at least 3 times) and with Abit of pressure to make sure its evenly spread and that the paste isn’t  just on the surface of your hair, but it’s reached down to your skin!

Yes! Then go ahead and apply – on top of the paste the small epilating strip that you prepared,Firmly on top of the Sugaring paste and in a quick sharp motion, pull the strip off in the opposite direction that you had applied the paste. For example if you applied the paste from LEFT to RIGHT pull off the strip from RIGHT to LEFT! 
(I hope I didn’t confuse anyone!)

If you happen to pull the strip in the wrong direction it will be very difficult to pull it off your skin and if you succeed to get it off it won’t come out with any hair! Very frustrating..

You want to apply a good amount of pressure to successfully pull off the strip in one go! Whilst holding your skin laut. When done correctly it’s very easy to pull the strip off with all your little hairs stuck on the bottom of the strip. its an incredible sight!

You will also notice the hair comes off with a thick round base around the ends, which means you’ve successfully extracted the hair from the root! congratulations!!! Always Look out for this!

Once you finish your treatment it’s time to reward yourself with a nice warm bath/shower!

Happy sugaring!


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