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Sugaring Tip: How To Remove hair from your underarms using Sugaring Hair Removal Paste!

This is how to properly sugar your underarms like a pro!

So the precise direction of hair growth on your underarms is hard to tell, but if you’d  let your underarm hair grow out you will notice it taking a general direction away from your face! On both sides!

You want to start  the Treatment on the very top of your underarms( where the hairs begin) and work downwards.

For example when you’re working on your Left Under-Arm, apply the paste from LEFT to RIGHT. Then Apply the epilating strip firmly on top, hold the skin taut (tightly by gently pulling skin to the Right) then pull the strip off sharply and Quickly from RIGHT to LEFT ( away from your face)

When working on your Right Under-Arm, apply Sugaring paste from RIGHT to LEFT. Then Apply the epilating strip firmly on top, Hold the skin taut (tightly but gently pulling skiin to the Left) Then pull the strip off Sharply and quickly from LEFT to RIGHT! (Away from your face)

When done correctly the hair is almost painless to pull off and the strip won’t  ”refuse to come off” (lol….. Haven’t we all been here?)
Remember to combat Any sweating with a paper towel/cloth followed by baby powder and work fairly quickly if you tend to sweat quickly.

Use the Formula: Confidence + calm = Cooler Body Temparature

Another trick to combat the sweating is to thoroughly understand the procedure, which will immediately put you at ease and in a relaxed state. We tend to sweat more under duress.

Now wasn’t that Easy… You’re Now  Ready to Enjoy petal Smooth Skin

Happy Sugaring!


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