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Sugaring Tip: Patience When Doing A Sugaring Hair Removal Treatment

Most of our clients began their sugaring journey as a self care treatment over a Year ago when we started, and have never looked back!

Patience is key in your sugaring treatment. You want to make sure that You read all the resources that are available for free on our Website to make sure you understand what you need to do and when. Then, set a date & time for your treatment every 2- 3 weeks. 
Make Sure to carefully follow all instructions provided to Reap maximum benefits out of your Treatment. This enables you to carefully study your skin and give it the gentlecare that it deserves!

Schedule a nice full body scrub too while they’re at it! – Try our Asia Ginseng and Rice body scrub that’s 100% Natural and gentle on the skin.

We’ve always encouraged our clients to contact us with questions/comments, which has been highly beneficial. Your concerns remain highly confidential and we’re happy to help/step in whenever you want us to!

Happy sugaring!


Links for Asian Ginseng & Rice Polishing and Clarifying Mask

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