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Sugaring Tip: Powder Powder and more Powder!

As you may Know Our Sugaring Products are 100% Natural
(-you Can Test this by Trying to dissolve a small amount of Paste in water for a while-)

Sugar dissolved in Water/ Moisture so make sure that The area you’re Performing the treatment on is completely dry. Otherwise the Paste will Just Slide off your skin.
Its Normal to Sweat during the Treatment. A secret Formula that we give our clients is;

Confidence + Calm= Cooler Body Temparature

But if you need to, and most times you will, double up on the powder, Any Powder that works for you!

Some of our clients have shared that they use Talcum, cornstarch or baby Powder.

We have found That Baby powder Works best to absorb moisture And is Gentle on your Skin, Especially on your Sensitive bits.
Clients who are Switching from shaving/ Hair removal Creams TO Sugaring Will find baby powder very soothing.

Powder also help make any missed Hairs/ areas Visible Too.

It helps to Perform the treatment in a well Ventilated room to minimize Sweating. Try area that is Free from moisture, avoid bathrooms, Think Bedroom, den etc..  open a window if you need to!

So, Powder Away & Happy Sugaring!

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