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Sugaring Tip: Using epilating strips/ Wax strips With Sugaring Hair Removal Paste

To avoid wastage and to work effectively by completely removing all the hairs without having to repeat the treatment on one area more than once, make sure to cut up the strips into small 1cm sized rectangles (see pics)

You will have to apply the sugaring paste in the same rectangle shapes that will fit the shape of the strip!

This enables your treatment to go on faster and you can be able to understand your skin better, 
While Saving you time and alot of money!

A (50) piece packet can last you for months on end if used correctly!

Please do not use ‘paper strips’ as our sugaring pastes are water based and not oil based like ‘regular Parafin wax’

Once you’ve got this down you’re ready to go!

Happy Sugaring!


Link to Epilating Strips:

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