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What is Sugaring?

Sugaring: what is it?

Sugaring is a method of hair removal – to be exact, sugaring is a depilation by sugar paste, not an epilation.
– Epilation means removing hair without the roots (shaving, chemical removal and so on, leaving the hair follicle in the epidermis).
– Depilation is a procedure of removing both hair and roots (follicle), which can be done by waxing, electro epilator or sugaring.

What is Sugaring Paste

The general ingredients of Sugaring paste are: Natural Sugar, Organic Citric Acid, Purified Water. It doesn’t contain any colouring agents, stabilizers, preservatives and agents and other chemical additives! This paste is a professional product and it’s perfect for using in beauty salons and at home by yourself.


Let’s start
If you haven’t done sugaring before we recommend starting with legs or arms epilation. Once you gain some experience, you will be able to work on the more sensitive areas, like armpit or bikini zone.
Sugaring is very easy, so you can do this procedure at home. We recommend exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells (using scrub) a day before.

• First, the area of hair removal should be clean from any oils and disinfected. We recommend applying a talc powder to absorb an extra moisture from the skin. It will make the sugar paste stick to the hair better which is the recipe for success! This is very important
After de-oiling, dust it with talc powder to dry the skin a little, if needed.
• If the paste is very hard, you can warm it up using the steam bath or knead and “stretch” it in your hands. The paste is ready when it easily spreads over your skin.
• Apply it on the treated area against the hair growth. With the other hand pull the skin hard. The harder you pull, the less it will hurt.
• Now with a quick move tear the paste off the skin along the growth of hair.
• If there are some hairs left, you can repeat the procedure by applying paste on the same area.
• You can use the same piece of sugar paste until it starts sticking to your fingers.
• Remove the rest of the paste using the depilation strip (if needed) and apply soothing after-depilation lotion.

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• Can be used in all the following cases: Contraindications, idiosyncrasy, diabetes, pus abscess and skin inflammation, skin oncological diseases.
• Sugaring is safe and can be performed on any part of the body part, even face. The most sensitive areas like armpits and bikini area should be treated in small portions to decrease the painful feelings. Sugaring legs it is possible to treat bigger areas at once.
• Sugaring is not just a method of hair removal, it also provides a soft exfoliation, which makes the treated skin very smooth and gentle. Only dead skin is removed. This makes sugaring a unique beauty procedure, beneficial for the beauty of your skin.
• Another advantage of sugaring is its low cost, as its main ingredient, sugar, is not expensive.


• Hair must be at least 0.2 inches (5-6 mm for metric system) long. Avoid visiting tanning booth, pool, sauna a day before the procedure.
• Removing hair with a help of sugaring paste is very effective for short hair from 1/8”- 1/4”. Longer hair can also be removed by sugaring, but that makes the procedure more painful.

All these advantages make sugaring more and more popular among women. The procedure seems very simple and makes some women want to try it at home. But the best result takes the professional competence of an aesthetician. Only the professional practitioner can make the procedure less painful and provide the best result.

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